The Individual Difference

"A key problem with healthcare is that it's focused on the patient, not the individual".

Vanessa McLaughlin, Founder & CEO

People are more than patients...

A person is a patient for only a brief period of time, within a specific location. An individual, on the other hand, is so much more.


Individuals live a lifetime...

Most bad outcomes in healthcare happen outside the 4 walls. It's the "everything else" where outcomes are decided.


Support for the rest of us...

Our holistic, tools based approach, empowers individuals to see success long after their health providers have already checked out.

Who do we serve?

While our proprietary model for supporting the individual is universal, we have started by focusing in two areas:

1. Behavioral Health Engagement

Walking students and families through their behavioral health journey. Engaging schools, MCO's, healthcare, & community resources.

The Problem

A gap in resources puts schools at a disadvantage when it comes to supporting students & their families when a behavioral or mental health issues arises.

Our Solution

Counselors, teachers, & parents develop a care plan for students that guides our team of Health Advocates, Health & Wellness Coaches, Therapists, & community resources to successful outcomes.

2. Employee Health Engagement

Working with employer groups to support their employees' health issues including stress & weight loss management & chronic conditions.

The Problem

Employers have built strong health & wellness programs, but have difficulty engaging employees in their health journey.

Our Solution

Clinical teams work with employees to create a care plan that guides our team of Health Advocates, Health & Wellness Coaches, Therapists, & community resources to successful outcomes.

"The best part of the program has been the emotional and mental support – the resources have been tremendous. Knowing that CE (student) has been able to talk to the therapeutic team to support them emotionally, especially when I’m at work has been HUGE."
"I want to thank you all for being so great this year! You have been the only mental health service that I have been able to get students into quickly. This has been a game changer!"

Social Worker/Counselor
“Male presenting student has been in program for 90+ days, reporting anxiety level (scale 1-10) at 8-9 consistently, in the last month student has began to report anxiety level at 0.
Certified Health & Wellness Coach

People ask how we measure impact...

and we tell them it's when the individual says it is 'making all difference'

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